1. Sleep (sleep 7-8hours a day min – getting to sleep before 12 a.m. important). Must be in darkness.
  1. Drink pure/filtered water (1-2liters of water not Juice, but water. Juice was over and above this)
    • Stay away from drinking water from plastic bottles (plastic leaks inside and cancer causing) rather drink from glass bottles.
    • DON’T drink decaffeinated anything, and don’t drink Coffee. Aging ingredient.
    • Drink Green Teas due to the anti-toxins.
    • NO Chlorine and Fluoride in the water supply. Rather have filtered water or your insides will be the filter.
  1. Sunlight (try min. of 20min outside per day, or if unable then need a Vitamin D supplement)
  1. Exercise & Stretching (1-2 a week. 1 hour)
  1. Rest one day a week from work (Sabbath).
  1. Pray daily every morning, it sets the tone for the day.  Then trust/rest upon the LORD. Do not fear! Do not worry! Be grateful and praise the Lord!
  1. Laughter is good medicine, so laugh.
  1. Breakfast is very important meal, if not eating protein then energy taken from the muscles.  Eat protein (steak or egg or protein drink – 100% New Zealand Whey idea) + fibre for breakfast.
  1. Eat Healthy.
    • Eat how God created food – natural e.g. rather eat seed grapes than seedless grapes. Or no pesticides, no hormone injected animals etc.
    • Eat what God said are clean foods to eat.
    • Try to have a rainbow of vegetable and fruit each day (orange, yellow, green, red, etc).
    • Eat cooked meat (well done not rare or medium) – fully cooked – NO BLOOD in it.
    • Eat more fruit and vegetables that are indigenous to the area e.g. In Canada it is apples and berries not oranges which are imported. The indigenous fruit have the nutrients God created for those who are living in that environment (God enabled this for a reason). I know it is simple logic but sometimes that logic is too simple for us to understand.
    • Organic Apple or 2 a day (breaks down Toxins).
    • Broccoli uncooked but chewed improves digestion thus improves immunity.
    • Have garlic and herbs in food.
    • Have eggs (yes yellow and white are good – good cholesterol) and/or Protein drink a day – maintains muscle strength as it builds cells. Egg yolk (the sulphur) helps with hair growth.
    • Plane food to absorb the junk we eat (so many things are processed) - alternating between plan and fibre. e.g. porridge couple of times a week, wheat-bix, brown/whole wheat bread with nothing on it a couple of times a week.
    • Cook with natural oil – Olive Oil or Sunflower, NOT Canola oil – bad.
  1. EAT what God says to eat
  1. AVOID
  1. TAKE VITAMIN/Supplements (S) if necessary – but not every day.  Because of mass production of veggies/fruit, they don’t allow the soil to lay to rest per the law of God, so we take nutrients to compensate.
    • Vitamin that is good for me personally - Vitamin B complex, about 3 times a week (reduces acid build up, helps reduce fatigue, and helps metabolize carbs).
    • Minerals that is good for me are Zinc and Magnesium.
    • A tablespoon of Cod liver oil or Olive oil good to take 3 times a week.
    • Fyi - If there was one supplement to take and could only choose one it would be Omega 3 – “Cod liver” oil. 
    • Don’t put something on your skin you are not willing to eat (e.g. Olay toxic, use organic substances).
    • Avoid smoke environments.
    • Stop smoking as it promotes cancer as the oxygen is reduced in the Blood and no oxygen promotes cancer.
    • Ensure houses have plants in them to purify the air
    • Change your house air filter
    • Have a filter on your house or shower to avoid body to absorbing contaminants.
    • Open your windows of your house daily – so a draft flows through for a ~min. 15minutes. Maybe more depends on the size of the house and the number of people. Most of the dust in the homes (70%+ comes from skin).
    • Change your sheets at least more than once a month.


Here is the nutrition for children (including the above don’ts).

A children’s health is: Parents are responsible for their Children’s well being.