The Book of Life is the approval of having eternal life with God (Rev. 20:15).  Everyone who is born into the world is written in the Book of Life (Exo. 32:31-33; Psa. 69:28; Luke 10:20).  Believers in Yeshua who overcome this world will remain in the Book of Life and not be blotted out (Rev. 3:5). At the point of death, those who don’t have Yeshua as their Savior are blotted out because of their sins (John 8:24) and the sin from Adam (Rom. 5:14; Rom. 5:17; Rom. 5:21).  Before Yeshua’s resurrection, when saints like Abraham, Samuel or David died, they were also separated from God and didn’t go to Heaven (Acts 2:34; Psa. 86:13).  They went to a place that was in the earth at that time (e.g. Samuel, 1 Sam. 28:13-15) called “Abraham’s Bosom” (Luke 16:22), “Paradise” (Luke 23:43; similar Matt. 12:40).  When Christ rose from the dead then those saints were rewritten in the Book of Life, wandered the streets of the Holy City Jerusalem (Matt. 27:52-53), and then went to Heaven to witness Yeshua’s glory (Rev. 4:4; Rev. 5:5-6). Yeshua the first fruit of the dead (Acts 26:23). After Yeshua’s resurrection, when the wicked die, they are blotted out of the Book of Life and go to Hades (Luke 16:23). Those who worship the Beast and his image, and take his mark, are automatically removed from the Book of Life while they are alive (Rev. 13:8; Rev. 14:9-11).


The purpose of the Book of Life at the Great White throne is to show them that they are not in it and need to be judged based on their works (Rev. 20:12).  Their works, words and actions are written in the Book of Remembrance (Mal. 3:16-18; Psa. 56:8).  Those who have works of rejecting God’s plan (Yeshua, God’s Word) will be thrown into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:15; Rev. 21:7-8) where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matt. 13:42-50; Matt. 25:41; Matt. 25:46; Mar. 9:44; 2 Thes. 1:8; Psa. 104:35).  The rest will be judged based on their works: Those who feared God but didn’t know of Yeshua, and those mortals who follow Yeshua during the 1,000year reign cannot be justified by faith because they can see Him (John 16:10). Some of these will have an opportunity to accept Yeshua by faith and will be written in the Book of Life (Rev. 20:15; Matt. 25:33; John 5:29; Dan. 12:1-3).