Jesus or Yeshua



Is Jesus' name actually Yeshua or Yahshua?


Have you ever wondered where the English name Jesus came from when His name is Yeshua (Hebrew - means Salvation)?  Brief summary of how Yeshua's name was changed based on transliteration. Yeshua is His given name in Hebrew (Yahweh Sets Free). His name was changed based on transliteration to Jesus in English. Originally YEHOSHUA (Joshua) in Hebrew, short form YESHUA.  In the Aramaic transliteration they dropped the “A” to make it "YESHU".  The Greek transliterated Aramaic “YESHU” to “IESOU”.  However all male names have an "S" at the end therefore "IESOU“S”".  The English transliteration was "IESUS" up until KJV 1611, then later the “I” was replaced with “J” – “Jesus”

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