The 6,000th year is when Yeshua starts to reign for 1,000years.  Yeshua reigns for 1,000years, which is the earth's Sabbath. There is no coincidence Yeshua will be reigning for 1,000years (Rev. 20:4) - this is the earth's Sabbath. In Addition, when work with the timeline one needs to start with the death and resurrection of Christ and work back as per the chart.  

Is there any doubt on the timeline - rapture happens ~2046AD and the 6000year starts at 2053AD?

1) Depends if the judges were just after the allotment of the land or sometime later.

2) Another watch out is - did someone over the last 2,000years add or remove years from the solar calendar that we don't know about? If years were removed then it would be earlier, if added then it would be later.

Side Note (for those who like details) - The Jewish Calendar is wrong, but tradition has kept it going all these years - the Jewish calendar is out by 180 years. The Jewish calendar we have today was devised in the 2nd Century--- as mentioned, missing 180 years---- they didn't use Daniel's 69 weeks neither did they use the lineage as it was destroyed in 70AD.  

Are the Biblical years the same as the Solar Year/Gregorian Calendar (365 - plus leap years)? In other words could the years from 31 AD until today be different than the Biblical year as the Biblical Year up to Christ's resurrection is correct?  Today we have 365.25 days/year and in Genesis, it states that there were 150 days over 5 months, therefore it's an average of 30 days per month - however it doesn't mean all the months would be the same.  If we used the Book of Enoch (in the dead sea scrolls) - there is a statement of 2912 days in 8 years.  This means there are 364 days per year (biblical year).  In the book of Jubilee, there is also a statement regarding 364 days per year.  Today we have 365.25 days for a solar calendar because of Sin as the Book of Jubilees points out - in the book of Revelation we see this play out during the 7 year world trib.
I believe God would use the Solar Calendar to determine years as First fruit and Feast of weeks cannot be in winter.  If they used the 364 days per year then over time it would be in the winter.  However for the sake of argument, if we used 364d ays per year from 31 AD until 2022 = 1991 * 365.25 days/364 days = 1997.8 therefore it is an 7 additional years (2029 today vs 2022).  This means that it would be 7 years sooner than expected.  Fyi - The difference between the Julian and Gregorian Calendar is only 13 days - a non factor.


Details of the below chart in the PDF download. For more insight into Revelation - refer to the extensive verse by verse commentary.

Time updated to 2046AD




Years reign of the Kings of Judan until Babylon was 355.5 Years.  The breakdown is as follows:

KINGS OF JUDAH  with their respective Reign (YRS)

Rehoboam  17

Abijam  3

Asa  41

Jehoashaphat  25

Jehoram  8

Ahaziah  1

Queen Athaliah  6

Joash  40

Amaziah  29

Uzziah  30

Jotham  6

Ahaz  19

Hezekiah  29

Manasseh (Co- 10 years, Alone- 45) 45

Amon  2

Josiah  31

Jehoahaz  0.25

Jehoiakim  11

Jehoiachin  0.25

Zedekiah  12