If suffering from pornography addiction here is an article to Overcoming Lust

Is Sex sin?

Why is Sex important?

Does a wife have to satisfy her husband, or husband her wife, even though she or he doesn't feel like it? 

What are the repercussions for not satisfying their spouse?

In a good marriage - Should sex be spontaneous or planned?

Is sex a form of bartering or an incentive for a spouse to do something?

How many times a week is normal to have sex?

Are there any parameters based on scripture to deny another Sex?

Is masturbation acceptable?

Is it ok for the wife to touch herself at the same time, to ensure she is satisfied?

Can I use pornography to help spice up our sexual life?

Is Anal Sex acceptable?

Is Oral Sex acceptable?

Is contraception acceptable? 

So what kind is good contraception?