Who is God?

God our Father is the creator.  

He is the source of all creation (God our Father is represented as the Blue Face in the background with His Hand in a thinking position).  For more insight refer to some of the actions the Father does - Eph. 1:3-6.


Son of God is the Word.  


He is the Administrator.  He is the Laws and the Principles that hold everything together (Son of God is represented as the Book holding the earth together with a gavel and column). ).  For more insight refer to some of the actions the Son does - Eph. 1:7-13.



Holy Spirit is the Operator.  


He is the Constructor, the Maker.  He is the Energy that makes everything move (Holy Spirit is represented as the Person in Purple who controls the movement of the planets with His many Hands). ).  For more insight refer to some of the actions Holy Spirit does - Eph. 1:14.



How does the Holy Trinity work together?


Follow the focal movement of the painting (the red light).  God our Father, the Creator, has an Idea that comes from within (red light from His Eye).  He gives the Idea to His Son, Jesus Christ, who designs it according to the laws and principles (red light passing through the column and gavel).  Once His Son has completed the Design, He gives it to Holy Spirit who makes it according to the Design (red light passes to Holy Spirit, Who brings the Idea into existence with His Hands).  While Holy Spirit gives life to the Idea (Hands molding the egg), Christ holds it together with the laws and principles (the egg constructed on the scales).