When we start praying our words seem futile and we wonder if God is listening (green mist out of the mouth).  When we ask Holy Spirit for help and submit to Him, He helps us pray (the green mist hits the magnifying glass and is strengthened by having a clear direction upwards).  When the Blood of Jesus Christ is applied to our prayer, our prayer request is authorized to enter the gates of Heaven (the Blood applied via a ladle to our prayer line).  The longer we are on our knees the quicker our flesh loses the reins and our spirit takes over (hour glass on the bowed head).  We start feeling an incredible amount of peace that surpasses all understanding as the breakthrough happens.  Moving from the physical realm into the spiritual realm (the prayer breaking through the clouds).  Then a dialogue between God and us can commence.  We are not waiting for God but God is waiting for us.  God has given us everything, all we need to do is PUSH through.  It is like a chick breaking through an egg.  We need to do the same, that is, push our flesh on its knees and keep it there until the walls of self-crumble and we have intimate fellowship with God Almighty.