Jesus Christ offers us His Blood, reminding us that we have a New Covenant through Him.  And that through His Blood we are cleansed from the guilt our sins have caused (Jesus offers us the wine, His Blood, to drink).  His blood removes stains from our soul (heart and mind) so that the light of truth can shine through us and illuminate our path.  Only then can we see where we are going.  Jesus offers us His Body, reminding us to partake of the Word regularly (Jesus offering us the bread, His Body, to eat).  Like we think of food, Jesus tells us that we need to think on Him and consume the Word of God daily.  We consume the Word by reading and meditating on it.  This circular acceptance illustrates that we need to do this regularly.  We must unite in Jesus Christ, which is the Body of Christ, and become “fishers of men” (Mark 1:17) (fish symbol passing through the Disciples).