Our purpose for being here on earth is to do God’s Will.  God’s Will starts when we accept Jesus Christ as our LORD (Cross mounted on our heart).  After we accept Jesus Christ as our LORD, Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of us (Sail on the heart and attached to the cross).  Jesus Christ has given us the soul cleaner, meaning every time we sin we can repent and He will cleanse us (Water washing the heart).  As we meditate on His Word, God reveals our purpose (the book connected to our eye).  Our purpose comprises of many visions.  And each vision is established through spending time in prayer (the green eye between the hands).   The more we know and implement God’s Word, the faster our pace in our purpose.  By implementing God’s Word we navigate our vessels over and through obstacles (the graduation cap in the front of the boat).  There are many things that we don’t know so if we listen to Holy Spirit then He steers us away from the things that will hurt us (steering us around the rocks in the boat’s path).  He steers us to do the purpose God has planned for us.  He can only direct us when we are moving (the oar propelling the sail boat, our heart).  When we do God’s Will then we experience the meaning of life and results are joy and happiness.​