There is only one way to get to have life and that is through Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able” (Luke 13:24) (the river flowing between the forest and the mountains).  Only once we accept Jesus as our LORD and Savior (the hand accepting the Cross), are we able to walk in the Holy Spirit (the river bed is our purpose that God put inside us and the water is Holy Spirit).  God will direct our path when we listen, believe and meditate on His Word, the Bible (the ear on the Book).  Our path can only be protected when we understand and apply the Blood of Jesus Christ to our life (Blood in the river).  As we spend time with God in prayer our relationship with God becomes more intimate (Eye in hands).  If we keep God’s laws and principles, and we walk in the spirit, then we will not stray from God’s Will (the river bed ‘our purpose’ is molded by the Water ‘Holy Spirit’).  If we have gone astray, Holy Spirit will guide us back to our path (the water works its way back to the river through the mountain and the forests when it rains.  In other words, the water has filtered through the forest and mountains, and can identify the quickest route back to the riverbed for those who have gone astray).  If we stray from God’s Will (straying from the river bed) we will find ourselves out of the blessings, everything that we touch will turn to mud (moving through the forest or the mountains).  Holy Spirit will assist us on our journey when we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ (Blood in the River).  As we are cleansed from sin, confusion leaves and we receive a solid vision (the sun at the top of the waterfall).​