There is only one way to receive peace and that is through Jesus Christ.  Our soul comprises of our will, intellect and emotions (symbolized by the brain and the heart).  When we look upon the cross, our mind and emotions come together in perfect harmony (fusion of the heart and the brain).  This everlasting peace and joy (infinity symbol passing through the heart and brain) can only come through the New Covenant of the cross.  This is where Jesus Christ of Nazareth sacrificed Himself on the cross for us and signed the New Covenant in His own Blood.  He did this so that we can live in victory all the time (1 Cor. 15:57; 2 Cor. 2:14).  Jesus destroyed the works of the devil so that we can be free forever (1 John 3:8; Is. 61:1-3).  What happens when we are in bondage? We fear everything and lose sight of our purpose.  Confusion sets in and destruction is right around the corner.  What happens when we are FREE from bondage? We feel and live in peace, joy and have a sense of purpose, meaning.  Why do we feel this? Because no weapon formed against us can prosper through Jesus Christ! Thank You Jesus.​