Throughout our life we face many trials, a surrealistic world one may say.  When a person gets to that stage in their life where they lose hope because they have tried everything humanly possible and have still failed (wanting to cross over the river), they turn to God and ask for help (they look to the right, face the cross and ask for help).  Suddenly the SOLUTION arrives (they step over the river).  They look back for a logical explanation on how the solution arrived and don’t remember where it came from, God (the eye on the hand limited by the world’s blinkers).  They believe that their miracle is as a result of either science (Microscope), or self-wisdom/mind power (Brain on the arm), or coincidence (UFOs).  They would rather praise the instruments than the Creator Who empowered the instruments (Microscope, Brain of the arm and the UFOs, who are all superimposed on the same material the Cross is made from.  The Cross is the starting point).  These people profess to be wise by their broad-minded views (Wide road) and their path (Hand firmly placed in the road). They deceive themselves and reap the consequences down the wide road.  These same people then turn around and blame everyone else for their misfortune.  But the fact is wisdom is measured by the depth in a person not by the volume of their opinions.  In the same way, we can’t tell how deep a river is by just looking at it.  Wide is the road that leads to destruction, narrow is the way that leads to life (Matt. 7:13).